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Thank you for visiting and exploring what QR Journey is all about. We appreciate your time and interest in discovering our mission and the story behind our chips. In the following section, we’ll provide insights into who we are, the significance of our chips, and the inspiration that drives us forward.

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How They’re Made

Shop Insights


Our choice to use Alder is rooted in our dedication to sustainability. We take pride in sourcing our wood locally, supporting local communities, and fostering a culture of sustainability.


All the lumber is milled to dimension in our small shop using traditional woodworking techniques and tools.  This allows us to take our time and sort the wood to ensure only the best is used in our production.


Some production processes are time-consuming and laborious. Therefore we employ more modern equipment to assist with repetitive tasks, helping to improve accuracy while lowering costs to you.


The engraving of intricate artwork, sayings, and QR codes is accomplished with state-of-the-art lasers. Each chip receives its own unique QR code and serial number to enable you to track its journey.


To protect our chips, we opt for a food-safe mineral oil as a finish. It maintains the chips and poses minimal health risks to both us and you, especially for little ones who might confuse our chips with cookies.


We’ve spent considerable time developing packing that is simple, straightforward, good looking, and completely recyclable. We care about the earth as much as we care about each other.

Our Journey

Where it all started



The world is ever-evolving, bringing us closer together in ways we’ve never imagined. However, amidst this transformation, one thing remains clear: the yearning for greater community, boundless joy, and an abundance of positivity.



After carefully pondering our goal, we embarked on a journey to find the  perfect solution. Through countless prototypes and iterative improvements, our vision gradually transformed into the unique wooden chips you now behold.



Our mission is to spread positivity, joy, smiles, and inspire people to be awesome.  With this in mind I started to craft the first chips to share with others.


The Big Picture

It’s quickly become apparent that were not alone when it comes to our views on sharing with others.  We decided to go online and share our little wooden chips with everyone.  We added tracking and messaging to the chips, giving a way to share the whole journey with everyone.



We’re here for you

Meet the Team


He was put in charge of shipping but to be totally honest he doesn’t get a whole lot done.  He does do a great job of spreading joy, and happiness though.


If you’re talking with QR Journey then you’re talking with Barbara.  Reach out and let us know what you’re up too.  We wanna hear about it!


If your holding one of our chips then your looking at the guy who made it.  Rick’s in charge of production of all of our wooden chips.

the wandering wooden chip

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