Frequently Asked Questions
Why Would I Buy Something Then Give It Away?

That’s a great question. Purchasing something you need or want typically brings a sense of satisfaction. However, buying something that brings joy to someone else is often reserved for special occasions. But with our chips, you get to do both. As the chip travels from person to person, it spreads appreciation, laughter, inspiration, and good vibes. You can track its journey and see how a simple item can create a ripple of positivity through the comments left on the tracking page. It’s money well spent.

What Are The Chips Made From?
We use locally harvested Alder for all our Travelling Chips. It’s a very fast-growing tree that was, in the past, knocked down and burned to get to the more valuable lumber trees like Fir and Cedar. We have chosen this wood for its sustainability, and we believe that using it for our products is a small way to help promote responsible forest management and reduce waste.
Do I Have To Treat The Wood In Any Way?
Our wooden chips are treated with a food-safe mineral oil during production, so they don’t need any further finishing. However, if the chip has been exposed to harsh conditions, a light coat of mineral oil can help keep it in top condition.
What If The QR Code Won't Scan?
With utmost precision, we intricately engrave every QR code onto the wooden surface, ensuring exceptional durability. In the rare event that the QR code on your chip shows signs of wear or damage, fear not! The additional unique serial number is your key to tracking its extraordinary journey and staying in the loop.
It's So Beautiful What If I Want To Keep It?
While our chips are certainly beautiful, they are designed with a greater purpose – to spread joy, inspiration, and kindness wherever they go. Hold onto the chip for a while, but when the time feels right, pass it on to someone who could use an uplifting boost. Together, let’s make the world brighter, one chip at a time.
Can I Give Them As Gifts To Others?
Absolutely! Our wooden chips make a great gift for almost any occasion. The recipient can be the first person in the “The QR Journey” by registering the chip with their email address and following along as the chip travels from place to place and from person to person.

Important Information

Make sure to encourage others to keep the chip moving.  It’s purpose is to spead positivity and joy to as many people as possible

Don’t hold onto the chip for too long. Cherish the chip for a little while, but when the moments right, share its uplifting spirit with others.

Name and give each chip a purpose that will resonate with others.  Then follow along and watch how it touchs other on it’s journey. 

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How Do I Start My Own Journey?


Visit the shop page and find that perfect chip that will carry your message far and wide while spreading good vibes and smiles.


Visit our registration and tracking page to personalize your chip with a message and name. Use your email to stay connected, following its wanderings and reading others messages as it travels.


Start the journey! Share the chip with someone who could use some inspiration or a smile. Encourage them to add their own message and pass it along. Keep the chip moving, spreading positivity and uplifting spirits as it travels.

You’re One Step Away From Starting Your Amazing Journey Today!

Positivity on the move

Unique Ways To
Share With Others

Special Events

Journey Chips offers you the opportunity to personalize each wooden chip with a special message and link of your choice. Attach your unique message to the chip, whether it's a heartfelt note, a memorable quote, or a link to a website or social media platform. By sharing these customized chips with your event attendees, you can communicate your message and connect with them in a meaningful way. It's a simple yet effective way to leave a lasting impression and engage with your audience.

As Party Favors

Make your party even more memorable with our uplifting chips as thoughtful favors. Infuse positivity into your event by sharing these special chips, each carrying an inspiring or lighthearted message that encourages your guests to embrace positivity. Personalize each chip with your own unique message and link, allowing you to communicate your heartfelt note, memorable quote, or share a link to a website or social media platform. By offering these customized chips to your guests, you'll leave a lasting impression and engage with them in a meaningful way. 

Wedding Guest Gifts

Celebrate your special day by spreading joy and positivity with our wooden chips, a meaningful gift for your guests. Start them off by registering and adding a unique message to accompany its journey. With our tracking page, follow the chips as they travel from person to person, igniting smiles and spreading positive vibes along the way. Let your event be a catalyst for happiness and connection.

Holiday Gifts

Make this holiday season unforgettable with our unique and meaningful wooden chips. Give the gift of inspiration and lightheartedness to your loved ones by sharing our uplifting chips as thoughtful presents. Each chip carries a special message that will warm their hearts and bring a smile to their faces. With the option to personalize each chip with your own heartfelt note or memorable quote, you can create a truly personalized gift that showcases your thoughtfulness

Fundraising Events

By offering Journey Chips wooden Chips at your upcoming fundraising event, you can make a positive impact while raising funds for a charitable cause. These chips serve as unique and thoughtful gifts that your guests will appreciate. Not only will they enjoy the tangible keepsake, but they'll also take pride in knowing that their purchase contributes to a greater good. It's a win-win opportunity that allows you to support the community and inspire kindness in a meaningful way.

Employee Gifts

Our unique chips are a great way to show your appreciation for your employees or colleagues? Each chip can be registered with a unique name and message, allowing them to follow its journey and see the connections it creates along the way. It's a simple yet meaningful way to promote positivity in the workplace and foster a supportive environment for everyone involved.

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