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How To Get Started?

Step 1

Let’s Talk! Email us or use the contact form Here to find out more about how we plan to get your artwork into the hands of as many people as possible.

Step 2

We’ll send you a drawing with all the important dimensions of the chip and the area the artwork will occupy.   You can then use this as a guide while you create your awesome chip designs.

Step 3

Once the designs are complete we’ll produce a few physical chips for your approval.  This will allow you to see how the final chip will look before we commit to production. 


Get Paid

How It’s Made

your art is yours

Your artwork always remains your property.  You will be given credit anywhere it appears on our site

Your Art Is Special

Not all designs can be laser engraved.  The process requires a specific type of artwork.

Let's work together

We’re always excited to work with talented artists.  We look forward to creating an awesome Chip together

Your Own Account

You’ll be able to create your own account to track all of your Journey Chips sales.

Your own Page

We’ll create a landing page for your chip designs.  A place to showcase you and your artwork.

Your own link

You’ll get a unique URL you can share with your followers so they can purchase your artwork on Journey Chips or Trip Tracers

Create Income

By selling Journey Chips or Trip Tracers through your unique URL you can continue to get paid for your artwork with every sale.


We produce all our chips from sustainably sourced hardwoods in our local workshop.


Every chip is carfully cut to size and shaped in house.  They feel and good as they look.


All artwork is laser engraved into the wooden chips to ensure it’s durability over time.


We use food safe finishes that are good to us and the enviroment


We us environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials

The journey chip

The Wooden Chip That Tells A Story

The Ultimate Journey           “The Red Violin”

The Ultimate Journey “The Red Violin”

"The Red Violin" is a mesmerizing journey through time and continents. Crafted by a master in Italy, its secrets hidden in its varnish, this violin passes through the hands of prodigies, composers, and rebels. Each owner leaves their mark, their stories intertwining...

We’d Love To Work Together!